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Good to know The latest figures: 2 events in Esztergom, 5 in Fort Monostor, 2 in Balatonfüred and 4 in Zánka: 12 thousand Alfas, 50 thousand guests in AlfaCity so far. We mooved to Zánka in 2016, and in 2018 we achieved a new record with 1410 Alfas. This was far the biggest Alfa Romeo gathering in Europe in history. Regarding to this breakthrough, we stick on to Zánka.

You can have the possibility to enjoy the sunsine on the lakeside and park your car in the green, but if you'd be full of petrolfume, you'll have the opportunity to relax with other cool stuff on the spot.

The Zánka Camp offers different solutions for the guests: doubble rooms, timber houses, apartments, hotel rooms, and camping is also available. For more details come back later.


AlfaCity, one of Europe’s biggest Alfa Romeo gathering is the official meeting of Alfa Amore.

Alfistis are everywhere, and they’re many, so you can see as many Alfisti and Alfa Romeo in one place as never before. In 2018 we’ve broken all records with 1410 Alfa Romeos gathered at our event.

Just like int he past years, we will represent the history of Alfa Romeo through oldtimers and youngtimers with the help of our partner, Alfarium.

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Alfa Amore

The 15 years old Alfa Amore is a free website of Alfa Romeo owners, a virtual playground for Alfisti, where everyone can show his/hers passion and enthusiasm to the milanese brand.

We’re very proud, that there isn’t a single owner website with such services. So, that’s the highest time to discover our website!


Alfa Amore is committed to high quality and tradition, so we always try to find a place for AlfaCity, which is imposing and has the space for couple of thousand cars at the same time.

Here is the map of AlfaCity.


If you’re an Alfa Amore member, you can buy your ticket in advance for 4500 HUF (saturday) or 6000 HUF (friday and saturday)

You can buy it on the event for 6500 HUF (saturday) or 8000 HUF (friday and saturday).

The ticket is valid for two persons in a car, all the others in the same Alfa have to buy an auxiliary ticket for 3000 HUF (saturday) or 4000 HUF (friday and saturday) per person. Entrance for infants under the age of 14 is free of charge.

Every entrant will have an armband, so you can leave the event and come back later. This armband gives you access to the programs of AlfaCity as well.

You can pay your ticket in advance with your credit card.

Cancelling policy

Unfortunately we cannot pay you the price back, but you can give the ticket to another person.

Entering, parking, returning

Thanks to the barcode system, you can easily drive-in, you just have to show us the ticket, which we sent you via e-mail, we check it with a bar code reader, and that’s all.

Every entrant will have an armband, and a sticker, which are mandatory to use (sticked up on the car), so we can see, that you’ve already paid.

The parking lot is mainly unlimited, but we can’t guarantee the same place for you if you leave the spot.

Payment info

Now you are allowed to pay with credit/debit card on our website. After choosing the items, we forward you to the website of K&H Bank, where you can proceed with the safest, encrypted transaction method. All you have to do is to choose “Pay with Credit/Debit Card”, then you have to provide the number of your card, the date of expiry and the CVV code (three letters, on the back of the card). K&H Bank accepts VISA, VISA Electron, V-Pay, MasterCard, Maestro és JCB cards.

If you choose to pay with electronic card, we’re accepting it only if the issuing bank allows the use of the card. Please enquire at your bank!

After successful payment K&H Bank will send you an authorization number. It’s recommended to print this page or to save this number. In the event of a failed transaction K&H Bank sends you an error message.

Transaction failed? If your transaction failed, please heck if your card is allowed for online payment. Please also check your balance or any limitations. You cannot proceed with blocked or invalid card. If everything is okay, try to start the payment process again and crosscheck all the provided data. If your transaction is failed several times, enquire at your bank.

Complaint: if you have any problems, send az e-mail to

Attention: the tickets are non-refundable, but transferable.

AlfaCity18 sticker

You can order the official AlfaCity18 sticker! Just choose a cool color for your Alfa Romeo and order your sticker with your ticket.

One sticker is 900 HUF (international shipping cost: 1500 HUF)

Pay whit credit cards

You can pay with credit cards at the entrance and at the Alfa Amore Shop too.

Where to book a room in Zánka?

The Zánka Camp offers different solutions for the guests: doubble rooms, timber houses, and camping is also available. For more details check the pdf below.

Other cars

You can enter to AlfaCity only with Alfa Romeos, we won’t let other cars to enter even with pre-ordered ticket.

The only exception: if you have a rare, old, italian car, in this case, you can park amongst the youngtimers and oldtimers for free. In this case, please contact us.

Must have

As we will probably have very nice weather, you should bring a parasol and sun cream, and all the stuff which is usefull on a beach, for example a swimsuit. But it’s important to prepare for rainy weather as well!


The organizers: Halesz and Tedi.

But of course we have lot’s of helping hands.

I’ve arrived one day before, can I enter?

We, as organizers will be there from Friday morning, so yes, you can enter.

In the camp you can book a room from thursday till sunday. If you need help, please send az e-mail:

How can I get to AlfaCity?

Follow the AlfaCity traffic signs, but we have a map about the destination.

Can I have some food and drink at AlfaCity?

Sure, in AlfaCity there will be plenty of buffets.

It is possible to camp on the spot?

Yes of course, for further details check this pdf or send us an e-mail to

I’m not an Alfisti, but I want to see the parade. What should I do?

You’re warmly welcome, AlfaCity is open for everyone, you just have to pay for the daily entrance fee of AlfaCity.

Single ticket for 3000 HUF (saturday) or 3500 HUF (friday and saturday) per person.

AlfaCity is free for children under 14.

I still have questions...

Send us an e-mail, and we’ll help you!

Data processing

The safety of your personal data is top priority for Sunset Rodeo Kft, organizer of AlfaCity and to any partners. We’re collecting data in compliance with the law (2011. CXII.).

We keep your data safe and confidentially, and do not forward it to any third party provider, only if it’s needed to fulfill the contract. (postal, parcel services). Our colleagues, partners and providers are in a confidentiality agreement with the organizer.

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