AlfaCity Camping
Where you can stay overnight

AlfaCity Camping

Reserve a tent site for yourself in the middle of AlfaCity!

If you don't want to leave AlfaCity even for a minute, book a tent site on the central grounds of the event.

The campsite can be booked from Thursday evening to Sunday morning.

The number of tent sites is limited, we will inform you continuously about the number of available sites.

On the campgrounds several shared showers and toilets can be found, don’t expect luxury, this is a camping site!

Please take into consideration, that like the event, the camping site can only be visited with an immunity certificate!

Only a limited number of caravans and motor homes can be brought on site. 

The tent sites need to be paid for in advance. We are expecting to run out of tent sites during the presale, so we are asking you to play safe and book now.

On the day of the event, there probably won’t be any available tent sites left, but in case there will be, we will notify you in time!