Meet the greatest Alfa Romeo event
Everything you should known about AlfaCity

AlfaCity 2023

We are waiting for you with exciting programs on 07-08 July at Szalki-sziget!

AlfaCity Camping

Reserve a tent site for yourself in the middle of AlfaCity!

If you don't want to leave AlfaCity even for a minute, book a tent site on the central grounds of the event.

The number of tent sites is limited, we will inform you continuously about the number of available sites.

On the campgrounds several shared showers and toilets can be found, don’t expect luxury, this is a camping site!

Please take into consideration, that like the event, the camping site can only be visited with an immunity certificate!

Only a limited number of caravans and motor homes can be brought on site. Prior arrangement is required.

The tent sites need to be paid for in advance. We are expecting to run out of tent sites during the presale, so we are asking you to play safe and book now.

On the day of the event, there probably won’t be any available tent sites left, but in case there will be, we will notify you in time.

What is AlfaCity?

Alfacity is the official event of Alfa Amore, what is get bigger and bigger since 2007

In 2019 the FCA has been awarded us with a certificate that our event is the biggest Alfa Romeo event on the world. Namely in this year we have broken of our all-time records: 1530 Alfa Romeo came to Alfacity! From year to year Alfacity brings more fans, so you can be sure that in this year you will see so many Alfa Romeo in one place that you had never seen before. Get the Alfa feeling, meet with new friends.

When and where will be the Alfacity in this year?

In 2007 we have organized in the first time the Alfa Rome meeting in the name of Alfacity in Esztergom. So far, we have grown out every event place. 2 years in Esztergom, 5 years in Fort Monostor, 2 years in Balatonfüred and 4 years in Zánka. In the past 13 years almost 14 thousand Alfa Romeo and more than 50 thousand people gathered around in Alfacity. In 2021 we moved to a new place in Szalki-island by the riverside of the Danube.

Be there on the 07-08th of July, 2023 at Szalki-island!

What is Alfa Amore?

In this year Alfa Amore is 19 years old

Alfa Amore started in 2004 as a free of charge fan meeting point, social website. A virtual playground, where every fan can live for their fanaticism.We are very proud that there isn’t any similar car social website on the world. This is the time to discover the site

What kind of programs will be?

In this year we are waiting for you with various program, activities and experiences

In Alfacity you are in the center. Show your Alfa to the others, be involved in our races, spend your time useful and get your discounts from the Alfacity exhibitors. More info: Link to the Programs


In 2023 AlfaCity will be a 2 days event, so you can buy a Friday, Saturday and Friday-Saturday tickets. Great Programs will be waiting for you on both days!

For the first 100 tickets, you can get an extra early bird price. 

Friday tickets (1 Alfa Romeo + 1 person): 
First 150 tickets: 4000 HUF
Second 150 tickets: 4500 HUF
Third 150 tickets: 5000 HUF 
Early bird (until 30 of june): 5500 HUF 
In july of 2023 and at the venue: 6000 HUF 

Saturday Tickets (1 Alfa Romeo + 1 person):
First 150 tickets: 6000 HUF
Second 150 tickets: 6500 HUF
Third 15 tickets: 7000 HUF 
Early bird (until 30 of june): 7500 HUF 
In july of 2023 and at the venue: 8000 HUF 

Friday-Saturday Tickets (1 Alfa Romeo + 1 person):
First 150 tickets: 8000 HUF
Second 150 tickets: 9000 HUF
Third 150 tickets: 10.000 HUF 
Early bird (until 30 of june): 10.500 HUF 
In july of 2023 and at the venue: 11.000 HUF 

The online tickets include 1 adult tickets and 1 access to your Alfa Romeo. You have to buy tickets for other passenger tickets online or at the venue. 

Other tickets: (until the first 150 car tickets are sold out)
Friday walk-in/passenger tickets: 2500 HUF 
Saturday walk-in/passenger tickets: 4000 HUF 
Friday-Saturday walk-in/passenger tickets: 5000 HUF 

Other tickets: (until the second 150 car tickets are sold out)
Friday walk-in/passenger tickets: 3000 HUF 
Saturday walk-in/passenger tickets: 4500 HUF 
Friday-Saturday walk-in/passenger tickets: 5500 HUF 

Other tickets: (until the third 150 car tickets are sold out)
Friday walk-in/passenger tickets: 3500 HUF 
Saturday walk-in/passenger tickets: 5000 HUF 
Friday-Saturday walk-in/passenger tickets: 6000 HUF 

Early bird (until 30 of june):
Friday walk-in/passenger tickets: 4000 HUF 
Saturday walk-in/passenger tickets: 5500 HUF 
Friday-Saturday walk-in/passenger tickets: 6500 HUF 

In july of 2023 and at the venue:
Friday walk-in/passenger tickets: 4500 HUF 
Saturday walk-in/passenger tickets: 6000 HUF 
Friday-Saturday walk-in/passenger tickets: 7000 HUF 

Under 14-year-old the event is for free. 

Ticket Rules

Beyond the programs the ticket will give you access to park with your car in Alfacity and to show your car to everybody

Next to your ticket, you will get an Alfacity magazine, numbered Alfacity sticker, souvenir sticker, and a voting sticker. Every passanger will get an arm-badge which gives them acces to the event and AlfayCity programs, and they can leave and come back to the venue in the opening hours. Mind your arm-badge, which day is valid for!


Online tickets can be purchased only with credit/debit card. No bank tranfers!

When the payment is done, you will receive your invoice and your ticket in pdf. The invoice will be sent in a different email via Billingo system. You don’t have to print your ticket, but you have to show it on an electric device. The ticket has a QR code, which will give you a one-time entry. Don’t edit or give it to someone else. Important: You must have your ticket/arm-badge, unless we can’t let you in.

Entry, parking and re-entry

With the QR code system, there is an easy way to access into our event

You only have to show to us the QR code and you can get in. In the peak time there could be some jam, so please bear with us and keep your patience. :) It is important to stick your numbered venue stickers on your car, and keep your arm-badge on your wrist, because this is how you prove that you have purchased your tickets. After the entry please follow the parking officers intsructions. There will be plenty of parking places, so we wont’r un out of it, but if you leave your parking place, we won’t sure you that you can park back to the same place. With the stickers on your car and your arm-badge, you can free to leave and come back to the event in the opening hours

Pay with credit cards at the venue

You can pay with credit cards in AlfaCity thanks to the Collaboration with HelloPay.

You can pay with credit cards at the entrance and at the Alfa Amore Shop too.

AlfaCity sticker

You can order the official AlfaCity sticker! Just choose a cool color for your Alfa Romeo and order your sticker with your ticket

One sticker is 1200 HUF + 750 HUF shipping cost (international shipping cost: 1500 HUF). You can put it anywhere on your car. At this year you can change the “ I will be there” stickers to “ I was there” stickers after the show We are post all the stickers at the beginning of every month, so the previous month sticker orders will be proceeded at the beginning of the next month.

Other cars

You can enter to AlfaCity only with Alfa Romeo

We won’t let other cars to enter even with pre-ordered ticket. Please bear in mind that this is an Alfa Romeo meeting, and our place is not limitless, so please you should only buy the ticket if you have an Alfa Romeo. If you do not have an Alfa Romeo, you can park your car in the external car park at the entry. The parking is for free and if you would like to get in the event you have to buy a walk-in ticket The only exception: if you have a rare, old, italian car, in this case, you can park amongst the youngtimers and oldtimers for free. In this case, please contact us.

Must have

Watch the forecast

As we will probably have very nice weather, you should bring a parasol and sun cream, and all the stuff which is usefull on a beach, for example a swimsuit. But it’s important to prepare for rainy weather as well!

When can I occupy my park place?

The entry starts at 10:00 AM on Friday and on Saturday

Please mind the parking officers instruction.

How can I get to AlfaCity?

Follow the AlfaCity traffic signs, but we have a map about the destination.

Destination click here Venue map click here

Food & Beverages

Find food for your taste

There will be plenty of places (service providers list will be upload at spring) where you can find food for your taste, but you can bring your own food and drink too.


You can set your tent at the camping area

Details will coming soon.

If I am not Alfies but I would like to see the event. Do I have to pay?

You are more than welcome. AlfaCity is open for everyone.

If you are coming without an Alfa Romeo and on your foot, you have to get a daily ticket. You can park in the external car park. AlfaCity is for free under 14 years old children.

Can I bring my dog to the event?

At the Szalki-island you can walk your dog with a leash.

We are still checking if you can bring your dog to the camping area. Before you decide, please ask yourself if your dog would feel good on a sunny day where is 30C degree, 1500 loud sudden move cars, and 5000 people. We believe that they deserve for this two days a nice dog pansio. :)

I did not have answers to my questions. What shall I do?

Contact us!

Write to us an email, or if you are a member of the Amore, log in and ask your question in the forum