Terms and Conditions

Operator of the website

The exclusive authorized operator and owner of the website is Sunset Rodeo Ltd. Which is a Hungarian legal economic company.
Contact information: 
1125 Budapest, Hadik András utca 21. II. 8. 
Commercial Registration Number: 01-09-871450 
VAT-ID: 13753605-2-43 
Email: info@alfacity.hu

Terms & Conditions

Welcome, and thank you to honor us with your interest to our website!
This Terms and Conditions contains instructions of alfacity.hu and the other website’s (what belongs to alfacity.hu) . When you use this website, you will agree to this Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree, please leave this website immediately.
The operator of the website will do everything, that the website will be up to date, contains accurate information, and will be available for a good quality for the visitors. The operator cannot guarantee it will run all the time in the same quality. There are some circumstances sometimes, when the website will be broken, or the IT team is working on it and in these kinds of cases the website will be out of order. Every visitor of the website must follow the rules and the Terms and Conditions of the website. Cannot violate the Sunset Rodeo Ltd, or the rights of any other natural person or legal entity or any other person’s rights who hasn’t got legal personality.
The operator will not take any responsibility for the damages, costs, loss, profit lost, in cases of using the website, any malfunction or inconvenient operation.
The operator will not take any responsibility for the damages, costs, loss, profit lost, in cases where the information’s from the website from unauthorized persons were changed, deleted because of computer viruses, or system error.
The operator will not take any responsibility for other third parties who has created and posted contents and information which are connected, regards or refer to this website  
We are dissociating from every illegal websites or platforms or illegal cases or activities where are they referring to our website or violate other rights or are obscene contents 
We are going to stand up against every case or activity where the Sunset Rodeo Ltd or this website reputation will be offended
We are work hard to keep the information updated and prompt, but there are some cases when there is some typo, edit errors, or other reasons when the information are incorrect, incomplete or not in the right form, and the Sunset Rodeo Ltd will not take any responsibility if you use these information and  have direct or indirect damages, costs, or profit loss.
If one of our prices are false because of typo, we have rights to sale on the original price, because the prices of the goods on the website are only informative .


Pictures, videos, icons, graphic, Audio, and text contents of the website, are belongs and legally own’s the Sunset Rodeo Ltd.

More than your own personal use, you must have the authorization from the operator in written form. For any changes or remake (electronic, printed, audio or audiovisual form) of a part of the website you must have also authorization from the operator.

In any illegal use of the website will follow legal activity of criminal and civil law. Strictly forbidden to copy, distribute, or store any part of the website without the authorization of the Sunset Rodeo Ltd.

No visitor or user can disturb, restrict or obstruct others to use the website. They cannot change the technical style, the security of the website. They cannot send spam messages, viruses or any other noxious programs or files through and to the website

The operator has rights to delete any noxious, illegal, or dangerous contents

For any loss in any of the mentioned cases above the Sunset Rodeo Ltd has rights to refund for the whole loss. Containing direct and indirect losses, expense or costs which appears for the restoration of the original state of the website 

Legal Statement

Any legal relationship what has been done between you and Sunset Rodeo Ltd is under the Hungarian law and jurisdiction

Data management and data protection

The processing of your personal data are suits to the Hungarian data protection rules (2011.CXII.law)
Your data are being treat with confidence and won’t pass on to a third party unless to fulfill the contract (post, courier company). Our colleagues, partners, and suppliers have secrecy engagement with us.

Tickets, policy

With the purchase of the ticket you will accept, that you attend on the event with your own responsibility, and you follow the instructions of the organizer. You will take responsibility for the damage what you have caused with or without your car during the event.
You will accept, that the event will be recorded, and you can be on it as Alfacity attendant, with this you have no rights to have claim against the Sunset Rodeo Ltd or any other legal users.
If your behavior is against with our policy, the organizer has rights to refuse your continuous attend on the event.