Look, how we ended up here
History of AlfaCity

Everything started in 2001

At this time Alfa Amore did not exist.
Members of the forum “Alfa Romeo…Love?” on Index.hu organized a meeting in Esztergom. The conciliation took weeks, whom, where, when and how to get to Esztergom to this unofficial Alfa Romeo meeting. 20 Alfa Romeo started the trip from Flórián square through the Pilis. The spectators were quite surprised, and this feeling cheered up the attandees. Eventually, 35 cars and owners gathered around at the car park of Basilica of Esztergom.There were some people who came from Szeged and from abroad just to be there. It took a while to get to know each other, and their cars. They had many many test runs, engine check-ups, and exhaust sound checks. And on this day, something started


The first official Alfa Romeo meeting in Esztergom

The organizers knew at this point, that they have to repeat this event every year.
What they did not know that it will become the most popular event int the Alfa Romeo society


The event in Esztergom will become bigger and bigger

Growing an growing
2003 – 75 cars and owners
2004 – 120 cars and owners
2005 – we had our first main event with 230 cars and owners
2006 – 400 cars&owners


The first AlfaCity

This is where our history started
We set our future with a new, international brand. The first Alfacity became so huge that we filled the car park of the Basilica with 500 cars


We have grown out the first venue

The second AlfaCity
550 Alfa Romeo, and more guest from abroad. 15 cars from Poland, but the Alfa clubs from Croatia, Germany and Romania also represented themselves in Esztergom. One of the star in AlfaCity was the AlfaMiTo. We only said a few thingsa about it. An ice sculptor helped us to create the newest modell from Alfa Romeo with a chainsaw.


Fort Monostor

New venue, new challenges
We have welcomed 800 cars in the biggest Alfa Romeo event in Middle-Europe. There was the time when we had the most people from abroad. 20% of the event. Most of them from Slovakia, Checz-Republic and from Poland.


Birthday of Alfa Romeo

100th birthday of Alfa Romeo in Komárom
In 2010 Alfa Romeo had the 100th birthday, so people were having centenary events all over the world. In Hungary this was the Alfacity, which has been held with the collaboration with Alfa Amore and Fiat Autó. Almost 1000 cars and 4500 people gathered around We have presented the newest Giulietta which has been seen in Hungary for the first time.


AlfaCity11 Light

A rainy AlfaCity
We were prepared with cocktails and bean-bags, but instead of the heatwave we had a massive all day long shower. Apart from the bad weather there were more than 450 Alfa Romeo at that event.


Raining like cats and dogs

Again another rainy AlfaCity
In the morning grey clouds were welcoming the early risers, and after the opening started to rain. The one’s who were tough enough to wait, they could enjoy the sunshine in the afternoon. There were moe than 500 Alfa Romeo in AlfaCity.


Finally in sunshine

The sun in Alfacity were shining again
It was strange After two rainy Alfacity, that we weren’t feel cold and we did not have to hide under the tents . Luckily we knew it from the beginning of the week that will be nice weather, so everyone was well prepared with sunshades and cooler boxes. We have counted 520 Alfa Romeo.


Alf4City at lake Balaton

Birthday and 4C
There were more than 800 Alfa Romeo in SunCity in Balatonfüred We have celebrated the 10th birthday of AlfaAmore, and we have represented the newest sportcar of Alfa Romeo: Alfa4C Suncity was a worthy place for this event and became a real Italian village.


915 Alfa Romeo in AlfaCity

2nd biggest event in the history of AlfaAmore
Withouth a new Alfa Romeo we had the same number as we had in Fort Monostor when we have represented the Guiletta. In this year we have set up a new system to count the cars. We put numbered stickers on the windshield, and we have counted 915 cars.


New venue, new records

Zánka, Giulia és 1200 Alfa Romeo
Memorial record has been born on the 10th AlfaCity: 1200 cars gathered around and saluted for the new Giulia on the biggest Alfa Romeo meeting in Middle-Europe. The 10th AlfaCity has been moved to a new place and settle down for a longer term. Looks like the combination of beach+good weather+family&friends and the new Alfa Romeo Giulia has made our dreams come true: more than thousand cars.


New record: 1325 Alfa Romeos

More cars from year to year
We don’t know what makes it more succesfull, maybe the lake Balaton, or the Alfa Romoes, or the concerts, or the people, but we know that on the 8th of July there were 1325 Alfa Romeo in Zánka. Alfa Romeo is getting more succesfull on abroad. There are more people coming from Romania, Checz-Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Austria, and Italy.


International success

1/5th of the guests were from abroad
Absolute record, 1410 Alfa Romeo came to AlfaCity, where was real festive vibe. Concerts and party until dawn. 1/5th of the guests were coming from abroad, and from this year, we had so many returning foreign guests.


New milestone and world record - 1500 Alfa Romeos

The world biggest Alfa Romeo event
We have never thought, that we could break our last year record and the Alfacity will be such a great success. We were surprised that so many of you came on Friday. We have registered more than 600 cars. On Saturday afternoon, against the bad weather we have registered the 1500th Alfa Romeo, and we have stopped counting at 1530. As organizers, we were surprised when, region manager oft he FCA Andrew Higgins awarded us with a certificate of the biggest Alfa Romeo event on Saturday afternoon. Thank you guys!


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Unfortunately we have to skip 2020 because of the Covid-19 disease. #fuckcorona
Come and discover AlfaCity in 2021. We have a new venue where we can celebrate Alfa Romeo's 111th birthday!